I have enjoyed a career in mechanical design and structural analysis engineering, working on product design for a wide variety of medical and construction equipment…power wheelchairs to telescopic backhoes…I have been responsible and accountable for multiple large and small mechanical design projects, directing engineering teams toward successful completion. I have always been a hands-on working mechanical engineer with my own role to play along with the project management responsibilities. I am principally a mechanical engineer, capable of providing mechanical design and analysis support in the area of static and dynamic machines and tooling. I have a strong background in structures made from a variety of materials. I have a good solid understanding of manufacturing processes that include; machining and welding, extrusions, plastic injection molding, powdered metal, laser cutting and bending, and others…including many rapid prototype techniques and materials.

My scouting experience was very rewarding. As a troop leader in the Boy Scouts of America and an Explorers post, I enjoyed teaching young men to take care of themselves when camping outdoors in all kinds of weather. I made it my task to take the new scouts, about 10-11 years old, and teach them three things to make their scouting time rewarding and fun, and to help me keep their attention. I taught them how to start a fire no matter what the weather, to make shelter to get out of the weather, and how to cook a few things to feed themselves. If they learned these, everything else seemed easy. They also learned what is what like to be apart of an organized group with their own duties and responsibilities to the group, be it their patrol or the troop. I had the opportunity to be apart of my sons troop and explorer post for ten years, and it was great watching young boys grow into responsible young men.